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Nicholas Barron

Chicago IL , 60616

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Chicago IL

About Nicholas Barron: Born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Barron soon moved to New Jersey, Columbia Missouri and then for most of his formative years in Marblehead, Massachusetts. His senior year of high school, Nicholas moved to Oak park Illinois to live with his father, which began his love affair with Chicago. His mother was a children's librarian, while his father is a painter. His mother's record collection of artists like Thelonious Monk, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and BB King, became Nicholas artistic blueprint. At 15 started to take guitar lessons with a very unique and wonderful musician named Carl Palleschi who told him to become a great guitarist he needed to listen to Jazz and Blues guitarists like Wes Montgomery. It was in adulthood that he moved to Chicago and began his music career as a troubadour on the streets, and in the subways of Chicago's 'L' stations. It was during this period that Barron founded C.A.S.A. (Coalition for the Advancement of Street Art) to stop the city from banning street art/performance.