Gigity.TV's New Single Camera Installation

Meet Gigity.TV's new single camera installation, powered by the Axis V-series Camera
  • Automatically broadcast and record events on a schedule
  • XLR inputs and on board preamps for high quality audio
  • Pan, tilt, and 30x optical zoom.
  • Dedicated HDMI for streaming audio and video to displays in your theater or venue
  • Control PTZ, presets, and audio levels from anywhere with our camera control software
  • Record in HD to a local SD card for high quality archiving
  • Minimal gear and wiring for increased reliability
  • Learn more about the Axis V5914 & V5915 cameras.

Easy To Install In 4 Simple Steps

1. Mount the camera

Mount the camera to the wall using the included mount, or have Gigity.TV fabricate a custom mount for your theater.

2. Connect to you router or gateway

Using standard Cat5e/6 Ethernet cable, connect the camera to your theater's internet gateway or router.

3. Setup Audio Feed

Using standard XLR cable, connect either a pair of hanging microphones, or a feed from you theater's mixing console to the camera.

4. Enable Port Forwarding

With remote assitance from Gigity.TV, configure your network to allow Gigity.TV servers to access the camera.

Control From Your iPhone or Computer

Gigity.TV's innovative camera control software puts you in remote control of your camera, from anywhere.

Using your iPhone or Linux/Mac/Windows computer, you can take control of your camera. Our Camera Control Panel lets you control pan/tilt/zoom position, create PTZ presets and adjust audio levels on the fly.

Using these tools, venue staff can take control of their camera system and ensure the best angle and audio level based on the performance.

Affordable & Reliable

Starting At:


An entire installation kit includes the Axis V5914 camera, 2 Shure MX/202 microphones, and Ethernet cabling for $1995. This is a one-time cost.

The Gigity.TV single camera installation is simple, minimal in its footprint and reliable. Once properly installed and configured, the system can operate for months at a time with out any additional maintenance or coniguration.

Venues & Entrepreneurs Wanted

  • Venues of all types are welcome to join the Gigity network, and with pay per view, broadcasts generate revenue. The first $1 on each ticket sold covers fixed costs of credit card processing and ASCAP, BMI & SESAC licensing. The rest is profit, where 20% goes to Gigity, and 80% goes to the venue to share with the artists.
  • The break-even point for entrepreneurs is to sell, for example, 1995 tickets at $6 apiece when the installation cost is $1995 and the first $1 on each ticket covers fixed costs, leaving $5 profit.
  • Entrepreneurs should pitch their favorite local venues. Duties include installation, monitoring, contacting performers, scheduling broadcasts, and promoting on social media. Payouts are managed by Gigity.TV, and are transparent to all parties on a broadcast.
  • Some venues don't want to pay for and manage their installation. Instead they want a local event producer or entrepreneur to cover the cost and other duties in exchange for a 20% share in all profits from pay per view & advertising.
  • Other possible revenue streams include delivering HD recordings to artists, and negotiating with local businesses and breweries their sponsorship of live streams & archives.
  • Venues and entrepreneurs who embrace internet television increase their social media footprint, and this social capital attracts new ideas and relationships.
  • The Gigity platform was built to share live events with the world, and to save them for the future. We pay the bands, we please their fans, and we create real opportunities for entertainment entrepreneurs.

If you would like more information, or to schedule a call, please contact us.