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Leslie Beukelman

Chicago Illinois , 60622

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Chicago IL

About Leslie Beukelman: Leslie Beukelman is a young professional singer who originally hails from a small town outside of Chicago called Sandwich, Illinois. Since graduating from Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of the Performing Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in jazz vocal performance, Leslie has gradually forged a central role in Chicago’s unique and vibrant music scene. Drawing praise from several of Chicago’s top media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader, and Timeout magazine, she lends her voice to a variety of projects (Treehouse, Information Superhighway, Nootka Sound, Ian Torres Big Band, Chicago Skyliners, and more) that keep her on her toes and encourage ongoing musical growth.Now, Leslie introduces her latest project, Brite Lite. This band features Leslie's voice and songwriting alongside three incredibly creative and diverse musicians: Jim Tashjian (District 97, Treehouse) on guitar, Bryan Doherty (Hood Smoke, Ex Senators, Doc's Delorean) on bass, and Michael Caskey (Eastern Blok, Hood Smoke, Doc's Delorean) on drums. These four musicians come together with individuality and character, bringing the musical experience that is Brite Lite... glimpses of rock, jazz, pop, and spontaneity.