Troubleshooting Gigity.TV Broadcasts

There are a number of reasons that may cause Gigity.TV viewers to experience trouble seeing or hearing broadcasts. ?If you are having trouble viewing a broadcast, please review these troubleshooting tips.

Check that your computer/device meets our system requirements

Review our System Requirements to ensure that your computer or device is up to spec. ?

Check your Internet / network connection

  • You may experience stutters, buffering, or other glitches in a broadcast video if your Internet or network connection?is too slow. ?Please verify that your Internet connection is fast enough (At least 1.5 mbps down, 3mbps recommended.)
  • Other programs or websites?such as other?streaming music or video services may consume your available bandwidth and lower performance on Gigity.TV broadcasts. ?If you are experiencing problems, be sure to close other music and video streaming applications while watching your broadcast.
  • Other people in your household's network who are??streaming other media services?could have an affect on your device's connection speed.
  • Sometimes, restarting your home WiFi router and our DSL/Cable Modem can help with slow connection speeds. ?

Disable Ad Blockers, and other browser plugins or toolbars

  • Some of our Broadcasts contain advertising. ?As such, Gigity.TV broadcasts may be blocked by Ad Blocking software and plugins. ?
  • Certain browsers may have third party toolbars or other plugins that cause problems with some websites. ?These toolbars are often bothersome and installed unintentionally when software is installed on a computer. ?Uninstalling unwanted third party plugins and toolbars can improve your web browsing performance overall.

Keep ?your Flash Player up to date

If your trying to watch on a computer, an out of date Flash Player may cause problems when watching a broadcast. Check your Flash Player to see if it needs to be updated.

Check other broadcasts

To see if the problem is on our end, check out some of our other broadcasts. ?If you are unable to watch any broadcasts, there is a problem with your system.

Restart, Reboot, Reload

As with all computer related issues, restarting your browser and/or computer can often help resolve issues with any program or website. ?Hey, it's worth a shot.

Contact us for support

If you've determined that there is something wrong on our end with a broadcast, please Contact Support?so we can remedy it.