About Gigity.TV

Gigity.TV has been broadcasting concerts, plays and other live events from venues and theatres for 4 years.

We've captured more than 3,000 different artists in over 8,000 broadcasts from all over the country with our innovative, permanently installed live video production systems.

Combined with our world class broadcast partners, our first of a kind web and mobile apps are creating a new kind of Internet television network.

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Gigity.TV for iOS and Android

Watch live and archived Gigity.TV broadcasts on your iOS or Android device with the Gigity.TV app.

Attending a live event in person? Contribute your own photos and videos, called CrowdCasts. Your CrowdCasts are combined with other attendees' comments, photos and videos to create an immersive multi-view record of a concert, play or other special event.

Download Gigity.TV for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Artists Come First

Gigity.TV has a unique philosophy that puts Artists first.

Artists own all of their own footage, have access to free downloads of their content, and have the opportunity to earn revenue through pay-per-view broadcasts and advertising.

In addition to providing revenue opportunities for artists and bands, we make sure that license holders get paid by purchasing new media licensing from SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP for any cover songs that appear in our broadcasts.

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A Complete Live Broadcasting Solution for Venues

Gigity.TV offers venues, theatres and producers the most complete solution for live broadcasting over the Internet.

Our fully automated multi-camera broadcast installations allow venues to operate as full fledged broadcast studios without the requirement of any additional staff.

It doesn't stop there. Our venue management software allows venues to manage their broadcast schedule and revenue from anywhere. Once installed, all it takes is a few minutes to schedule a broadcast. Our hardware solutions and cloud based software handles the rest.

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Advertise With Us

Gigity.TV monetizes some of our broadcasts with advertising. We also develop custom brand driven campaigns for local, regional and national businesses.

Sponsors of Gigity.TV are positioned as supporters of the artistic community, realized especially as we convert and distribute ad dollars into artist payments. Meanwhile, our broadcasts cater to a number of niche markets in independent entertainment, giving brands access to a uniquely engaged viewer base of potential tastemakers.

Let us know if you would like to discuss sponsoring our broadcasts and building a campaign.

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Invest With Us

Gigity.TV is actively seeking investors who align with our mission: Building a world-wide Internet television network that captures all of the world's performance art while creating new and better revenue streams for artists and venues in an increasingly digital media landscape.

We've been continuing to build and perfect our live broadcasting apps and hardware solutions, and have developed solid relationships with the artistic community.

In our 4 years of operation, we've partnered with over 25 venues from coast to coast, produced over 8000 broadcasts, featured more than 3300 performers, and paid out tens of thousands of dollars to artists and venues.

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