The New Fuse

The New Fuse

Chicago , 60657

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About The New Fuse: Born out of Chicago's vibrant music scene The New Fuse has emerged as a distinct original sound that transcends classification. Genres like funk, blues, rock, jazz do come to mind but more often do the descriptors energy, passion, intensity. It is a sound marinated with decades of experience playing, studying, and living music of all varieties. From classical to rock, Latin to blues and funk the members of "The Fuse", founder/bassist, Shane Davies, guitar/vocalist, Brent Kimbrough, saxophone/vocalist, Rodney Brown and drummer/percussionist Ben Scholz have an unparalleled palate of influences free of boundaries. Rock tempered by jazz, blues and funk flavored by Latin rhythms - all of these are the elements that make The New Fuse a force of original progressive music. It's the welcoming openness of The New Fuse's music that has captured audiences diverse in age, gender, race, class. No band can be all things to all people, but with The New Fuse there's bound to something in there for you, and if not, that could change at any moment.