Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

Chicago , 60616

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About Scott Goldstein: Native and perpetual Chicagoan Scott Goldstein is honored to be directing for the Second City. A graduate of Northwestern University as well as the training centers of Second City, IO, and the Annoyance, previous directing credits include Color Deaf, Buckle, Disappointed Men, Tommy's Place, and Bodyslam! The Rise and Fall of CAWC. As a performer he as appeared in dozens of shows at the Annoyance Theatre including Chicago's Longest Running Original Musical, Co-Ed Prison Sluts. He has also improvised with Deep Schwa, The Amateur Show-Offs, and a gaggle of other groups around town. When he grows up he wants to be Sam Fuller, Richard Widmark, Dale Hawerchuk or Al Secord. Thanks to the entire Second City family and to Ella, for the constant inspiration and support.