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About Samantha: Late 2009, Samantha came out swinging, determined to make their place in rock n' roll. After exploring basic punk rock elements, they've begun to establish a sound all their own. Abrasive melodies coupled with driving beats fuel the band's material. Gave Savitz and Fred Tesche provide a solid rhythmic backbone for Mike Borchardt's thrashing guitar hooks. In broad strokes, they could be compare to Wire, Jawbreaker, or the Clash.

Early 2010 market the release of their debut EP "Play Nice," a quickly recorded musical snapshot that allowed the band to cut its teeth. After extensively playing the Chicago scene in support of the EP, and a showcase at Metro, the band decided it was time to take things up a notch.

Always striving to outdo themselves and push their boundaries, Samantha locked themselves in the studio to record their full length album "Threat Level Pink," released a video for their much hyped single "Thieves," and hit the road to promote the album.

The soundscapes on "Threat Level Pink" give voice to every kid who wants to pick up a guitar and say something. That attitude sweats from every beat, from every chord, from every pore. They have been called Post-Punk, Thrash-Pop, and whatever else. Samantha reminds us that rock n' roll never forgets!