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Chicago Illinois , 60622

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Chicago IL

About SamIAm The MC: "I Wanna Mc 4 U!"-by SAMIAM.Alot of veteran freestylers have a chant they spew before freestyling and this is my slogan. To freestyle w technical ability for the crowd is something I want to do for the audience. Therefore..."I Wanna Mc 4 U!"SAMIAM THE MC*MTV World Rap Champion Finalist *5x Winner BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday *Rhymesptters 4 All City Freestyle Champion The Southeast Side of Chicago native has a long track record of producing top notch Hip-Hop talent, and Samuel Simmons II (aka SamIAm) is the next burgeoning MC to arise from Stony’s rich musical heritage.In his short career to date, SamIAm has garnered more ‘stripes’ than most MC’s earn in a lifetime. Beginning with a win at the 2007 Rhymespitters 4 Chicago All City Freestyle Battle (which had nearly 200 Chicago contestants), and after countless battles at the legendary 606 Open mics and sessions at The Note, SamIAm’s talents were finally recognized by the National media & industry. It was only a matter of time before he became the 5-time champ of BET’s 106th & Park Freestyle Friday. And after being retired to Freestyle Friday’s Hall of Fame, he was a finalist on MTV2’s World Rap Championships for 1 Million Dollars. But despite his formidable skills in the battle rap arena, SamIAm is more a true Hip-Hop artist who’s deft at freestyles. His real passions can be found on record. SamIam has 2 full lengths under his belt (Refreshing & The Taste), & one mixtape "I WANNA MC 4 U!".... And on the local scene, his high profile battles haven’t changed that fact that he’s Chicago to the core. Fully committed to furthering the city’s ‘true freestyle’ scene, SamIAm has hosted numerous parties all over Chicago in Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, Uptown, and more.The mixtape "I WANNA MC 4 U!" and long awaited album "COOLER BY THE LAKE" will be available on I-Tunes very soon.