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Rebecca Sohn

Chicago IL , 60616

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Chicago IL
Independence Missouri

About Rebecca Sohn: Rebecca Sohn has been a member of The Annoyance since 1992 and began teaching in ‘97. She taught for The Second City Training Center for many years and currently teaches workshops all over the country with her 3 woman long-form group, Switchboard. She improvises with Switchboard and Bad Touch and has been TJ’s guest improviser in "TJ and Dave." Her training and experience began in college in 1987. She then went on to study and perform with Bay Area Theater Sports and several long form groups before moving to Chicago to study with Del Close. She performed at IO and was an early member of The Armando Diaz Theatrical Experience and Hootenanny. She studied at the Second City Training Center and was hired to The National Touring Company then the Second City ETC stage where she wrote 2 reviews. She has directed several shows at this theater and for Second City Communications, where she also currently works as a writer and performer. As an actress her credits include Remy Bumppo, About Face, The Steppenwolf Theatre and many independent films.