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Chicago IL

About RayIsDude: All about making music that gives people something to believe in again.Between the ages of 13 and 17 I was in a variety of different rock/alternative bands, learning a variety of instruments and genres of playing. Eventually I went on to a solo career, focused on folk/singer-songwriter material. Now, reflecting on the influence of underground and local hip-hop, I've started developing my own, eclectic sound.RayisDude(Ray Hogan) is a Chicago based artist who has practiced many elements of performance for a number of years. As an artist, he has developed different styles of music with various bands over time, but for the past 3 years, has gone solo. Finally discovering a sound that blends aspects of acoustic/alternative rock with characteristics of hip-hop, RayisDude is ready to take on the Chicago scene and provide what he loves and cares most about to a willing and ready audience. Thanks for your support!