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Chicago , 60614

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About Might Could: Might Could consists of Andy Tillotson, Tim McCaskey, and Aaron Geller on acoustic guitar, and Luis Nasser on acoustic bass. For over a decade, they have created instrumental progressive music featuring a wide range of styles and tightly interlocking guitar parts.

The band formed at the University of Maryland and is now mostly relocated in Chicago. They've released three albums: All Intertwined (2005), Wood Knot (2007), and the brand new Relics from the Wasteland in 2013. Listeners may hear progressive rock, classical, metal, jazz, and video game music influences in all three albums. Might Could's newest release features their most collaborative songwriting to date, more percussion, two of their favorite covers, and even a little gypsy jazz.

The Chicago band members (Luis, Andy, and Tim) also perform with the original progressive rock band Sonus Umbra, and they look to promote both bands throughout 2014.