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Chicago IL

About Ivy Ford: Ivy Ford, singer, musician, artist. At just 22 years old, Ford has already established quite a ground shaking reputation for her showmanship and musical talents. She plays a few different instruments which include: piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums. From the Chicago area, Ivy Ford started singing with a Kenosha based band at 13 years old and was mentored by a very talented drummer, Steve "Rainman" Rainey. After finishing highschool, she then met band whom she played piano for and sang as a sideman, which ultimately turned into "Ivy Ford and The Cadillacs" which was the first band, Ford would front. Members included: Jeff Iwai (lead guitar), Eric Wilcox (Harmonica), Willie J. Rauch (Bass Guitar) and Anthony Oncken (Drums).It was then she picked up the guitar and started honing her craft and identifying more with the blues. Aside from playing gigs and shows of her own, she tapped into and continues to be involved with local open jams and sessions at which gave her the opportunity to pick up drums and bass guitar. Around this time is when Artspace was opening "The Karcher Artspace Lofts," in Ford's hometown of Waukegan, IL. At the time it only seemed natural that not only Ivy move in herself and become a Karcher resident but her mother and brother as well, who are also artists, Evelyn Ford (mother) being an artist of many talents and creativity, such as textile art and fine art. And her brother, Evan Ford is a tremendously gifted illustrator who by self teachings has such a niche and natural ability for imagination and detail. It is safe to say that the Ford family has become quite an ambassador, not only for, Waukegan but for Artspace as well and is really a prime example of what Artspace is about.