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About Go Time!: Taking power pop to less-traveled latitudes, Chicago-based GO TIME!

While the band is new, its four members are no strangers to the music scene. GO TIME! is comprised of former Prairie Town members Scott Niekelski (composer/lead guitar/vocals), Marko Marketti (bass) and Steve Grzenia
(percussion). After a year-long search for a guitarist to complement Scott’s style, Paul Schmidt climbed aboard with GO TIME! Schmidt’s professional music career dates back to the late 90s, launching with Central Illinois band, The Cromulents, in which he was both a guitarist and drummer. Paul switched to full-time guitar duties in 2000 when he formed One Million Monkeys. He worked on several other projects through 2004 when he decided to take a break from music. In August of 2008, he answered an online ad for a band seeking an experienced guitarist…and the rest is history.

GO TIME! officially formed when Prairie Town disbanded after a two-decade run. Niekelski, Marketti and Grzenia decided to re-direct the ship and voyage off into uncharted waters.

Niekelski had already been writing about half of the former band’s recordings and was a solid vocalist in his own right. Scott’s first rock band was playing live gigs by the age of 15. The trio was like-minded in their musical tastes, so settling into a harder-edged, power pop groove came quite naturally. Scott is a prolific song writer - the only other major decision to be made was in choosing the songs for the debut record Speak.

Go Time! Records in their home studio for Sound Gypsy Records, and masters with Mike Hagler at King Size Sound Labs (Mike is known for mixing and mastering Wilco, Neko Case, The New Pornographers, The Redwalls, John Langford, The Mekons, Billy Bragg, Ezra Furman and Caliphone to name a few – as well as the new Go Time CD).

They have released 4 CD's: Speak, Hit It, Boneshaker - and the new release "Tight Like Wood"