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Gerry Hundt

Chicago , 60612

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About Gerry Hundt: Gerry Hundt was playing Chicago Blues in taverns before he was allowed to drink in them. Born in Wisconsin and raised in Rockford, Illinois, Gerry has since lived in Vermont, New York City, Colorado, and Chicago. In Denver, he worked, toured, and recorded with the likes of John-Alex Mason, Ronnie Shellist, The ClamDaddys, and Easy Bill. From 2004 through 2009, Gerry toured the USA and EU relentlessly as a member of Chicago's Nick Moss & The Flip-Tops, filling the role of "utility man," playing bass, guitar, harmonica, and, of course, mandolin. On the strength of his critically-acclaimed Blue Bella Records CD, "Since Way Back," Gerry was nominated for Blues Music Awards in 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 for Best Instrumentalist, Other (Mandolin), and featured at the Montreal Jazz Festival and The Blues Station in Tournon d'Agenais, France. In addition to continuing worldwide radio and web airplay, tracks from "Since Way Back" have appeared numerous times on NPR's "Morning Edition." As a solo performer, Gerry's fresh take on Chicago Blues has led to appearances at the Kalamazoo Blues Festival, Port Townsend Blues Festival, and Buddy Guy's Legends; it has also made him a favorite among blues-dance aficionados at national events like bluesShout! and the Mile High Blues Fest. From 2007-2010, Gerry Hundt's SteadyGroove, the One Man, Chicago Blues Band, appeared weekly for Tuesday Bluesday at Holt's Coach Lite Inn (Chesterton, IN) - a gig which regularly saw touring blues musicians mingling with locals. His favorite seasonal gig is the Saturday open-air market in Chesterton, where Gerry appears monthly, bringing the sounds of Chicago's old Maxwell Street to Indiana. In band settings, Gerry has appeared with the finest Midwestern traditional blues acts, namely The Cash Box Kings, Barrelhouse Chuck, Little Frank, Joel Paterson & Rick Sherry, Bill Lupkin, Matt Hendricks, Jim Liban, Perry Weber, and Westside Andy. Recently, The Gerry Hundt Trio has made quite a splash on the Northwest Indiana music scene, featuring A-list sidemen Ralph Kinsey, Bob Carter (RIP), Derek Caruso, Randy Nelson, Corey Dennison, and Kenny Kinsey.