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Coma Boys

Chicago , 60634

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About Coma Boys: Coma Boys--Rock and Roll With Guts and Soul!

From the depths of Chicago, the Coma Boys are establishing themselves as a raucous new rock band. Mixing the grit and energy of 60s and 70s punk rock with various genres, from soul to blues, the Boys boast a high energy stage show, catchy songs, and great hooks.

Leading the Coma Boys is singer/songwriter Reverend Trent Stevenson, combining glam rock charm with Detroit Punk Rock madness. Fellow songwriter/guitarist Brandon Reed adds a mix of screaming blues and sneering punk to the mayhem. The thunderous rhythm section propels the band forward with the melodic grooves of bassist Patrick O’Keefe and the precision attack of Mike Szymanski.

The Coma Boys are on a mission to restore rock to its glorious and subversive roots!