I AM FEST Battle of the Bands (Finals!)

This broadcast aired on Sat, Jul 28, at 8:00 PM CST
Live at Elbo Room
Chicago, Illinois
2871 N. Lincoln Ave.
Live Voting:
Featuring the talents of:
One of Chicago's most innovative bands, Roots101 features roots music aimed truly towards the hearts and spirit of their listeners."

Combining reggae, jazz, rock and afro-Caribbean grooves, their rhythms take audiences on a musical world tour. Pioneers forged from the Chi-Town Roots music movement, Roots101 celebrates and expresses diversity through... More

Upon one listen, Automagik sends you on a magikal journey through time and space. This goofy, energetic, shmow pow of music is just what you need to get a-goin'. So pop open a can of caffeinated drink, and open your ears to beautiful hyperactivity. Automagik is now your favorite band. Surrender to the yumminess.

The Giving moon is an alternative band of young musicians from the midwest region. Releasing there first album "Sleep Talking". More

The Studs were a garage punk band founded in the Chicago south suburb of Worth around 2003-2004. Becoming a 5 piece XmarsXcoreX hybrid in 2011, they released their first full length album "Don't Suck" and have been sucking all over the city of Chicago ever since.

Based in the South Suburbs of Chicago, The Studs are a five piece... More

THA is from NW Indiana (East Chicago/Hammond)
4 piece band that has been jamming off/on since 2006. Headlined the Metro in Nov 2008 & played numerous shows in the midwest...

We have a 6 Song EP that is FREE to the public & can be downloaded @ www.reverbnation.com/tomorrowhasarrived
along w/ our other 2 eps from 2006/2008

We are very close to... More

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