Donny's Skybox Presents: This is Going to Be Awkward, Everyone's A Winner

This broadcast aired on Fri, Jun 29, at 7:30 PM CST
Live at Donny's Skybox
Chicago, Illinois
1616 N. Wells St.
Featuring the talents of:
Civilization as we know it is under attack by gay marriage and sexually ambiguous aliens. Will Jesus or Satan save the day? Will anyone have a date that's not awful? Come watch a show by writers who have been described as "Brilliant" and "Need to get laid."

Starring Michelle Billingsley, Andrew Cameron, Janna Sobel, Brigid Marshall, Sam... More

Everyone's a Winner: A sketch revue that explores the psyche of the generation who always won participation awards and lists Microsoft Office as a skill on their resumes.

Performed by: Peter Corey, Collin Dahlgren, Brooke Elbrecht, Carol Olsen, Matthew Sevcik and Megan Steidl

Written by: Morgan Crouch, Micah Paisner, Brad Pike, Devin Schiff and Mike... More

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