Sons Of Great Dane, Cheers Elephant, Doctor Ed & Friends

This broadcast aired on Fri, Mar 30, at 8:30 PM CST
Live at Elbo Room
Chicago, Illinois
2871 N. Lincoln Ave.
Featuring the talents of:
This winter found Sons of Great Dane hunkered down in a small studio control room finishing mixing on their new EP “You Can’t Lose it All, All at Once”. Recorded just south of their native Kansas City it marks a new twist in their sound, and also a new relationship with Sharp County Records, with whom they’ve recently signed. “You Can’t Lose it All…”... More

Dubbed, “Chew it up, Spit it out, Rock and Roll”, Cheers’ is a raw, rootsy, psychedelic pop rock quartet from Philadelphia, PA. Digging deep into three part harmonies and arranging songs that’ll make your dad’s toe tap, your mom’s hip shake, and your sister’s heart throb. With a live show channeling David Bryne, animal of the muppets, and far-out impulses... More

Doctor Ed & Friends is a band that falls into reggae, funk, and sometimes, more often than not, topples into psychedelic rock. Confused yet? Don’t be. This band established in 2004 has experienced transitions from its ska-punk beginnings to the funk rhythms and heavy rock jams that cultivate its progression. A long history and connection between these musicians... More

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