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Since 1996, Sean Healy Presents (SHP) has been providing bands a unique booking service. SHP is dedicated to giving local unsigned talent easy access to several clubs throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco area. We are currently booking all the top venues in Hollywood and San Francisco. In 2011 we are expanding to Oakland CA, Tempe AZ, and New York... More

When Slum Village emerged in the late 1990s, the highly regarded Detroit trio of T3, Baatin and Jay Dee made a startling admission: their group was a liquid association with members coming and going during the group's evolution. True to their word, Slum Village has already gone through a number of line-up changes.

Rapper-producer Jay Dee left after the... More

If a revolver has 6 bullets…Aerias is the 7th one. Born and raised in Chicago, he’s the last spitter in Chicago Tribe. From battle hardened emcee to aggressively passionate punk, he’ll do anything to rock a show.
From live guitar solos to live acapellas and freestyles that are actually freestyles (cmon now). He’ll steal hearts to make em stronger and he’ll... More

Cavalier Kidd is a hip hop, rap artist from Chicago Illinois. Coming from the MindSpray Music Entertainment camp, Cavalier Kidd holds down a solid sound that can be described as mid-west rap. Smooth rhythms without giving up the hard and heavy nature of rap, is one way to describe this free flowing lyricist. From sexually charged lyrics on "Splash", and... More

March 9th is a huge day for Hip-Hop history. For those that are not aware of the significance of this date, it was when legendary rapper Biggie Smalls was murdered. This day also marks the birth of another rapper by the name of Enigmatic.

*Enigmatic* is not your average street rapper. He doesn’t come from a broken home. He has never sold a single drug in his... More

Acumental and Terminal Knowledge have shared a number of things over the years, including a zealous appetite for polysyllabic rhyme schemes as well as their first mushroom trip, but have more recently enjoyed sharing various stages throughout the Chicagoland area. They are in the moment, on the edge, over the top, but under the radar so turn on, tune in, and drop out. More

Free AJents is a Chicago based hip hop group that consist of a live drummer, bass, guitar, and two emcee's. Free AJents incorporate samplers and turntables into their recordings and live shows which when joined by the live instrumentation creates a sound that is both classic and cutting edge. Combining elements of hip hop, rock and electronica ,Free AJents produce... More

Kenn Retro is an emerging underground MC from Chicago. Kenn was born and raised on the West Side city streets that has birth such artists as Common, Kanye West, The Cool Kids & Twista. Growing up in Oak Park, a diverse atmosphere, gave him much to talk about, allowing him to express his self freely, developing his talent, his gift that he would soon love and become... More

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