Loved this Improv group, especially the one about Starship Enterprise.  Good going


 Does this website not have the capability to watch via phone? 

 This show had the most amazing quality and sounded fabulous. The actors were incredibly talented and beautiful. it was definitely worth seven dollars.

Jimmy Burns is good, as usual.   Where is his regular band?

 I was in attendance at the performance on August 8th and enjoyed the show so much!  Prostitute Tears was the highlight of the show.  When I watched it on the website I laughed just as hard.  Great job! ...

 Great show at the ELBO ROOM! Thanks for streaming! Great bands all night! Loved LEVER! 

 GREAT SHOW , MAGIC SHOES !!!!!! Excellent !!!!!!!!!
Posted 1 year(s) ago by mgrizzly1

Great band love the guitar

       This family blues band brings a modern Chicago blues-rock sound to the forum with its sizzling guitars, surging rhythms, and piercing vocals. Featuring Martin  Schaefer-Murray on guitar and voc...

Audio must be improved

ryan walker was the funniest in his group, I may be a little biased since we are related Unfortunately the sound was sending off a echo so it was hard to understand what they were saying all the time, that part was disapointing

Awesome!  Very entertaining, enjoyed watching in the Mile High City. The next best thing to being there for sure.  Congrats on a great show.

 I cannot get any feed.  Don't know why.. not very user friendly

The venue needs to fix the light so we can see you folks on the stage.  Bruce, your mic needs a bit more volume. Horns definitely need to be turned up. Bass is good, drums ok. As for the music, AWESOME! Cow Bop rocks. S...

Once again, Time Crash transported the room and its inhabitants to a different dimension in time and space.. Whovians across the universe could feel the ripple of energy, recharging faith and energy.   In honesty, the i...
Posted 1 year(s) ago by C.J.Tuor

 audience seemed quite engaged. actor with the cape seemed to want to get the audience involved the most. very good show.
Posted 1 year(s) ago by C.J.Tuor

 terrific show. cast plays well off each other. the actor in the cape seems to be the leader of the ensemble.

 this is a very creative show. the person in the cape seems to really understand the principles of improv and works reallywell with the cast and the audience

Faith in the Fallen, in the tradition of Avenged Sevenfold and Coheed & Cambria - THINKING-Man's METAL.  
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