What is the Mission of Gigity.TV?

Our mission is to help Artists take another step towards making a living off of their talents. From this starting point we discovered ways to use live-streaming technology to bring all of the stakeholders together and create a “win-win” for everyone. Artists win because they get a fair share of the pay per view and/or advertising revenue. Viewers win because they get to see more of the bands they love, and venues win because they also get a share of the revenue.

To make our mission work, we need to wire-up America’s venues with the technology we’ve tested and perfected. The secret of our recipe is in the automation, and the high-end security cameras we re-purposed for hands-free streaming so that venues have no extra labor costs other than scheduling broadcasts and pre-negotiating the revenue splits with the Artists.

To learn more about our mission and commitment to transparency, everyone is welcome to read the Terms of Service, the Terms of Sale, the Privacy Policy, the Artist Agreement, the Broadcast Partner Agreement, and the Stakeholder Agreement.