How do Artists sign up?

The first step is to create a free Artist Profile, either for your group, or as a solo performer. If you are already signed up as a viewer, you will need a different email address to create an Artist Profile.

Next, approach venues affiliated with Gigity.TV and ask them for a date to perform. If a venue you know and respect does not yet have cameras installed, please ask the venue's owners to visit Gigity.TV and to inquire about installations.

If the venue is affiliated with Gigity.TV, the Broadcast Page for your event will have its own URL, which you (or anyone) can promote via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also, viewers and visitors who choose to "fan" your profile on Gigity.TV will receive email notices informing them of your upcoming broadcasts (unless a viewer selects in their privacy settings to not receive notices).

Please read the Artist Agreement for more information.