How much does the camera system cost?

The system cost will vary depending on the camera configuration desired by the venue. Here are three examples:

Installation option #1: This option is the most affordable. It is a duplicate of the system we currently have installed at the Double Door. Here is a sample of the video and audio quality. This system features (3) Axis M-1114 cameras at $508 apiece. They are very discreet and reliable cameras, but they do not have autofocus. They take about 5 minutes apiece to adjust, but once they are set (and as long as they are not bumped, and kept out of reach), they are good to go.  TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $4559

Installation option #2: This option includes (2) Axis M-1114 cameras and one Axis Q1755, at $1383 apiece, which we recommend for the main camera angle. The advantage of the Q1755 is that it provides
stunning visual quality at 10x optical zoom. It also has autofocus, so it is very easy to set up. All a person has to do is aim the camera at the stage, and the operator can zoom in and out at will. TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $5434

Installation option #3: This option employs (3) Axis Q1755 cameras. The Q1755 has been approved by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for capturing the highest quality stream possible. This installation ensures that everyone will always be impressed. TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $7184


1. Cameras - Axis Q1755  |  | $1383 apiece
2. Cameras - Axis M1114  |  |  $508 apiece

3. Broadcast Computer - Sweetwater Creation Station  |  | $1799
4. POE / Network Switch - NETGEAR ProSafe GS108P  |  |  $145   
5. Monitor - Best Market Price  |  $120  
6. Broadcast Software - VidBlaster Pro  |  |  $495
7. Audio Delay Units - Behringer Shark DSP  |  |  2 @ $88 apiece = $176
8. Assorted Cabling & Hardware- Mounting hardware; ethernet, sound, and power cabling  |  $300

This is what we offer in helping venues integrate with our platform:

1) We sell hardwareat cost, with receipts (Note, Gigity.TV salespersons are entitled to a $500 commission, if applicable). Our goal is not to make money up-selling the hardware, but to be in partnership with the Broadcasters and Artists. We also understand that the components can be expensive, but this ebables the hands-free automation of our platform.

2) If a venue already own some of the components to an installation, review our spec sheet, which includes links to manufacturer websites and prices. If you have any questions let us know so we can help you keep the costs as low as possible.

3) We’ll walk you through your installation via phone, email, and our installation manual, currently being written. A venue can feel confident in taking the initiative to get started, and we’ll follow through on our end until you are up on your feet and running.

Our goal is to grow our network of venues, and to keep the equipment and installation costs as low as possible. Furthermore, we're constantly testing new equipment and getting price quotes in bulk so that we can enhance the viewers' experience and pass the savings on.

Please go to the Contact link to start the conversation.