I can't see/hear a Broadcast. What gives?

Troubleshooting Gigity.TV Broadcasts

There are a number of reasons that may cause Gigity.TV viewers to experience trouble seeing or hearing broadcasts.  If you are having trouble viewing a broadcast, please review these troubleshooting tips.

Check that your computer/device meets our system requirements

Review our  System Requirements to ensure that your computer or device is up to spec.  

Check your Internet / network connection

  • You may experience stutters, buffering, or other glitches in a broadcast video if your Internet or network connection is too slow.  Please verify that your Internet connection is fast enough (At least 1.5 mbps down, 3mbps recommended.)
  • Other programs or websites such as other streaming music or video services may consume your available bandwidth and lower performance on Gigity.TV broadcasts.  If you are experiencing problems, be sure to close other music and video streaming applications while watching your broadcast.
  • Other people in your household's network who are  streaming other media services could have an affect on your device's connection speed.
  • Sometimes, restarting your home WiFi router and our DSL/Cable Modem can help with slow connection speeds.  

Disable Ad Blockers, and other browser plugins or toolbars

  • Some of our Broadcasts contain advertising.  As such, Gigity.TV broadcasts may be blocked by Ad Blocking software and plugins.  
  • Certain browsers may have third party toolbars or other plugins that cause problems with some websites.  These toolbars are often bothersome and installed unintentionally when software is installed on a computer.  Uninstalling unwanted third party plugins and toolbars can improve your web browsing performance overall.

Keep  your Flash Player up to date

If your trying to watch on a computer, an out of date Flash Player may cause problems when watching a broadcast. Check your Flash Player to see if it needs to be updated.

Check other broadcasts

To see if the problem is on our end, check out some of our other broadcasts.  If you are unable to watch any broadcasts, there is a problem with your system.

Restart, Reboot, Reload

As with all computer related issues, restarting your browser and/or computer can often help resolve issues with any program or website.  Hey, it's worth a shot.

Contact us for support

If you've determined that there is something wrong on our end with a broadcast, please Contact Support so we can remedy it.

What is the Mission of Gigity.TV?

Our mission is to help Artists take another step towards making a living off of their talents. From this starting point we discovered ways to use live-streaming technology to bring all of the stakeholders together and create a “win-win” for everyone. Artists win because they get a fair share of the pay per view and/or advertising revenue. Viewers win because they get to see more of the bands they love, and venues win because they also get a share of the revenue.

To make our mission work, we need to wire-up America’s venues with the technology we’ve tested and perfected. The secret of our recipe is in the automation, and the high-end security cameras we re-purposed for hands-free streaming so that venues have no extra labor costs other than scheduling broadcasts and pre-negotiating the revenue splits with the Artists.

To learn more about our mission and commitment to transparency, everyone is welcome to read the Terms of Service, the Terms of Sale, the Privacy Policy, the Artist Agreement, the Broadcast Partner Agreement, and the Stakeholder Agreement. 

Can I watch Gigity.TV Broadcasts on my device?

Gigity.TV is compatible with a variety of computers and devices.  For best results, ensure your device meets our System Requirements:

Internet Connection 

To watch Gigity.TV Broadcasts, you must have a high speed Internet connection with a download speed of at least 3mbps. Test your connection speed at this link.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS
  • iOS 6+  
  • Android devices with flash player are minimally supported

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome is recommended for the best experience
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • IE 10+ (IE 64-bit version is not currently supported due to lack of Flash Player support)

Flash Player

When watching on a Windows or Mac computer, it is recommended that you use the most recent version of Flash player in your browser.

Supported Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPad, iPad Mini all gens
  • Apple iPod 4th Gen+
  • Apple iPhone 4s +
  • Most Modern Android Device (Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc.)

Mobile user may experience low frame rates, and frequent buffering due to lack of device processing power and limited mobile network speeds.

Users outside the US may experience marginally longer load and buffering times.

What is your refund policy for pay per view broadcasts?

Gigity.TV will only grant viewers a refund if the band they intended to see cancels their performance.

Or, on a technical level, if there is a disruption of the stream, and if these three conditions are met. 1)The disruption has to be experienced by all viewers. 2) It has to last longer than a total of 20 minutes of the entire broadcast. 3) It has to be the fault of either Gigity.TV and/or the venue.

Also, the complaint has to be registered within 3 days after the event.

Please review our System Requirements for users and our refund policy under the Terms of Sale.

If you have any questions please send us a message through the Contact Page.

Is it Free to sign up as a Viewer?

Yes, it is absolutely free to signup at Gigity.TV, both for viewers and Artists.

Viewers and Artists get their own profile page through which they can post a picture, become a "fan" of Artists, get notifications on specific shows, integrate with Facebook and Twitter, and much more.

The only cost to a viewer is when they purchase a pay per view ticket through PayPal's security-certified credit-card processing system. Gigity.TV does not hold a ticket-buyer's credit card information.

Please read the Terms of Sale for more information.

Can a Viewer leave a broadcast and then come back later?

Yes. You can come and go as you please during the course of a broadcast, and when you browse Gigity.TV a new tab opens so that you can still hear the music. But, it is one ticket per computer (or viewing device) at a time.

How do Artists sign up?

The first step is to create a free Artist Profile, either for your group, or as a solo performer. If you are already signed up as a viewer, you will need a different email address to create an Artist Profile.

Next, approach venues affiliated with Gigity.TV and ask them for a date to perform. If a venue you know and respect does not yet have cameras installed, please ask the venue's owners to visit Gigity.TV and to inquire about installations.

If the venue is affiliated with Gigity.TV, the Broadcast Page for your event will have its own URL, which you (or anyone) can promote via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also, viewers and visitors who choose to "fan" your profile on Gigity.TV will receive email notices informing them of your upcoming broadcasts (unless a viewer selects in their privacy settings to not receive notices).

Please read the Artist Agreement for more information.

Can Artists play cover songs?

Yes, and without any worry of deductions on their payments. Gigity.TV is paying ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC almost five percent on all Pay Per View and Advertising revenue. This covers our collective obligation to make sure the original songwriters are compensated for their art. Our only request, however, is that the Artists send us an email of what covers they performed, and when. Gigity.TV will then make quarterly reports to the above agencies.

Please read the Artist Agreement for more specific information on the format for how Artists should report their performances of cover songs.

How is the PPV & ad revenue shared?

The Pay Per View profits, and profits derived from advertising, are shared by all of the parties on a Broadcast. Each Broadcast has its own Broadcast Agreement where every party has a say in how the profits are divided. This understanding also applies to the advertiser-supported, Video On Demand playbacks.

Profits are determined after costs are deducted. Gigity.TV's standard deduction is to take the first $1.00 on each pay per view ticket sold to cover the credit card processing fee set by PayPal, the cost of bandwidth, and the PRO Llicensing fees paid to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. 

The remaining revenue is profit, and will be split between the Artists, the Broadcaster, Gigity.TV, and any other 3rd Party Stakeholders, if applicable. Unless otherwise specified, the standard percentage for Gigity.TV is 20%. All other parties may pre-negotiate their percentage, which will change from event to event. All terms, furthermore, will be made available for review by all parties via the Broadcast Agreement set for each event.

Artist Accounts will be paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. A delay of 5 days after a broadcast, however, is necessary to first resolve any issues or refunds that may arise. Payments will be made via direct deposit into the PayPal account of each party in a Broadcast Agreement.

Please read the Artist Agreement in the Terms of Service for more information.

Do Artists sign an agreement with Gigity.TV?

Yes. When a band or individual performer creates an Artist Profile, they are agreeing to the terms of the Artist Agreement. All business affairs for that band or individual performer will be managed through the Artist Profile, and the Agreement will apply to all performances of the members of that Artist Profile.

All musicians and performers are encouraged to read the Terms of Service and the Artist Agreement.


How can Artists get a copy of their performance?

While broadcasting, events are also being archived. An artist may download a free copy (and any other clips archived from attendees who used the Gigity.TV mobile app) simply by logging-in to their account and going to the archived broadcast. There, you will see the "download" option underneath the video player.  

This Gigity.TV footage also edits well with other footage that may have been video-taped by someone else in your party (a fan or relative). Watch this music video of how well the Gigity footage edits and blends with outside footage.


What are the Artists' rights regarding recorded performances?

Gigity.TV and Broadcast Partners understand that the Artists fully own their recordings, and that they are free to produce, sell and market them as they please. However, Gigity.TV has the right to archive these recordings and monetize them via pay per view, or via an advertsier-supported, Video & Audio On Demand system.

Artists will be compensated according to the terms they negotiate with the venues in their Broadcast Agreements. Furthermore, as a protection to Artists, they can request at any time that their performances be removed from the Video & Audio On Demand System.

For more information please refer to the Artist Agreement.

What is unique about Gigity.TV's live-streaming technology?

The benefit of our system is that it allows venues to stay focused on their core business while our platform maneges the broadcasts. Once the camera system is installed at a venue, there are only 3 things a Broadcaster must do:

1. Schedule Broadcasts, which includes setting the start time, end time, and asking the bands to create their Artist Profiles.

2. Deciding whether the broadcast will be free or pay per view. 

3. Negotiate with the Artists on how the Pay Per View and Advertising Revenue will be divided. These percentages will be set (and will be changeable) on the Broadcaster Partner's side of an Broadcast Event Page, and everyone is paid via PayPal direct deposit

How do Venues join the Gigity.TV network?

A venue must make an investment in the cameras and technology before broadcasting can begin.

Also, if a venue already has a streaming system in place, and depending on the particulars, it is possible that a venue can immediately switch to our network, or, do so after adding of a few key pieces of hardware.

Either way, Gigity.TV will assist a venue in every aspect of their installation, and once the technology is in place, a Broadcaster will receive it's own "Channel". Together then we will develop the revenue streams so that a venue both recoup their investment and starts making a profit.

Please send us a message through the Contact Page to discuss how we can move forward with an installation. 


How much does the camera system cost?

The system cost will vary depending on the camera configuration desired by the venue. Here are three examples:

Installation option #1: This option is the most affordable. It is a duplicate of the system we currently have installed at the Double Door. Here is a sample of the video and audio quality. This system features (3) Axis M-1114 cameras at $508 apiece. They are very discreet and reliable cameras, but they do not have autofocus. They take about 5 minutes apiece to adjust, but once they are set (and as long as they are not bumped, and kept out of reach), they are good to go.  TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $4559

Installation option #2: This option includes (2) Axis M-1114 cameras and one Axis Q1755, at $1383 apiece, which we recommend for the main camera angle. The advantage of the Q1755 is that it provides
stunning visual quality at 10x optical zoom. It also has autofocus, so it is very easy to set up. All a person has to do is aim the camera at the stage, and the operator can zoom in and out at will. TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $5434

Installation option #3: This option employs (3) Axis Q1755 cameras. The Q1755 has been approved by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for capturing the highest quality stream possible. This installation ensures that everyone will always be impressed. TOTAL HARDWARE COST: $7184


1. Cameras - Axis Q1755  |
 http://www.axis.com/products/cam_q1755/  | $1383 apiece
2. Cameras - Axis M1114  |
 http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m1114/  |  $508 apiece

3. Broadcast Computer - Sweetwater Creation Station  |
 http://www.sweetwater.com/creation_station/CS400  | $1799
4. POE / Network Switch - NETGEAR ProSafe GS108P  |
 http://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/unmanaged-desktop-switches/GS108P.aspx  |  $145   
5. Monitor - Best Market Price  |  $120  
6. Broadcast Software - VidBlaster Pro  |
 http://vidblaster.com/products/pro.html  |  $495
7. Audio Delay Units - Behringer Shark DSP  |
 http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/DSP110.aspx  |  2 @ $88 apiece = $176
8. Assorted Cabling & Hardware- Mounting hardware; ethernet, sound, and power cabling  |  $300

This is what we offer in helping venues integrate with our platform:

1) We sell hardwareat cost, with receipts (Note, Gigity.TV salespersons are entitled to a $500 commission, if applicable). Our goal is not to make money up-selling the hardware, but to be in partnership with the Broadcasters and Artists. We also understand that the components can be expensive, but this ebables the hands-free automation of our platform.

2) If a venue already own some of the components to an installation, review our spec sheet, which includes links to manufacturer websites and prices. If you have any questions let us know so we can help you keep the costs as low as possible.

3) We’ll walk you through your installation via phone, email, and our installation manual, currently being written. A venue can feel confident in taking the initiative to get started, and we’ll follow through on our end until you are up on your feet and running.

Our goal is to grow our network of venues, and to keep the equipment and installation costs as low as possible. Furthermore, we're constantly testing new equipment and getting price quotes in bulk so that we can enhance the viewers' experience and pass the savings on.

Please go to the Contact link to start the conversation.

Can a Broadcaster install a more elaborate camera system, or upgrade?

There are many factors like venue size and layout that determine the best equipment needed to deliver a high-quality live stream. Also, our systems are flexible so that upgrades don't require buying a whole new system. We have tested many configurations. Let us help you find just the right one. Contact us to get the conversation started.

What are the obligations of a broadcasting venue?

1. Keep your upcoming broadcast calendar full.

2. Encourage artists, their fans, and other stakeholders to open a free Gigity.TV account.

3. Keep the equipment in good working order.

4. Encourage your staff to get comfortable with the cameras and technology.

5. Help us make Gigity.TV profitable for everyone through fairness and transparency.

What are the revenue streams for a venue?

1. Pay Per View of LIVE broadcasts. (The venue negotiates with the artists in a broadcast a division of the PPV income.)

2. Advertiser Sponsorship of Live and Archived Broadcasts.

3. In some cases, the licensing of archived footage to 3rd-parties.

Read the Venue Agreement for more information.

How do Artists and Venues get paid?

Payments to all parties will go out from Gigity.TV on the 1st and 15th day of each month. Artists and venues give us their PayPal information (or an email address) when the sign up. Artists may have cover songs to list and itemize on their broadcasts (Note: There is no cost artists must pay for performing covers). Once the artists "sign off" on their broadcast, revenue will accrue in their Gigity.TV payments account. Artists and venues may initiate payment from their balance at any time.  

How can I report spam or other inappropriate content?

You can report spam, pornography, or any other inappropriate content by sending us a message via the Contact Page. Please include the URL and a short desciption if necessary.